Are you left eye dominant or right eye dominant?

eye dominance

Like hands, people also have preference on which eye to use, mostly it is involuntary. This might come as a shock to many because it appears that both eyes are at work, when in fact only one is more focused than the other. This can go on for years without significant disadvantages, but for certain [...]

Did you know that you can literally die of a Broken Heart?

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No kidding, you can die of a broken heart caused by a very great emotional trauma like a death in the family, a break-up, and anything that can cause your heart to skip some beats.  Known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or simply broken heart syndrome; it is caused by great emotional stress that temporarily weakens the heart [...]

What do you call the smell of rain?

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There is a very distinct smell when the climate is hot and it suddenly rains. That smell which is thought of to cause nausea and stomach ache in some oriental countries; Philippines, to name one. It is called geosmin. Often a soft smell which is pleasing to many people, a fresh muddy smell that is [...]

Why does a severed lizard’s tail still move?

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A severed lizard’s tail that keeps on twitching might be a mind-boggling experience for you as a child or even as an adult, it’s like creepy just got on another level. So, why does it still move?

What is the difference between Monkeys and Apes?

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Another confusion common among humans is the difference between monkeys and apes. Often you’ll hear people refer to gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans as monkeys when they are not. These are apes, not monkeys. So, what is the difference?

An asteroid might hit Earth, according to astronomers

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Astronomers have determined that an asteroid, which they named Apophis after the Ancient Egyptian god of chaos, will pass through Earth on April 13, 2029 (a Friday!). This will be the largest and closest heavenly body that will pass Earth, it will pass between man-made satellites and the Earth, with the size of about 450 [...]

Who is the first computer programmer?

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The first computer programmer is Ada Lovelace, born in the year 1815, daughter of the poet Lord Byron. At a young age she took interest on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, who is considered the father of computer. But unlike today’s programming languages that can create websites, desktop applications, and your favorite PlayStation games, the first [...]

What is the difference between a Tortoise and a Turtle?

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Last time we talked about the difference between a frog and a toad, now we’ll be talking about the difference between a tortoise and a turtle. What?! They’re different? For people like me who, for most of my life, believed that the two are the same this will be a liberating experience.