Has Google ever been broken?

Yes. At least the search engine was inaccessible for around 40 minutes for people in all over the globe in January 31, 2009. The culprit? A rogue backslash “/” that was accidentally added on Google’s servers.

Because of this, a message appeared on every user’s screen saying, “This site might harm your computer!” which probably made thousands of IT guys all over the world weep in fear of losing their jobs (hold your pitchforks, I’m just kidding!).

It is interesting to note that many Internet providers’ tech support tell irate customers to ping or visit Google.com to see if their internet connection is running smoothly; if the ping or visit is successful, chances are it’s the other website’s problem. Imagine how shocked people were to find out that Google’s not running properly!

Update: when the news about Michael Jackson’s death spread, Google and many other news websites had troubles with their servers. Loading a website usually takes 4 seconds and less, but on that day it reached up to 9 seconds. Read this BBC article for more info.

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