The bloody origins of the Nobel Prize

Among Alfred Nobel’s 355 inventions, it was the Dynamite that amassed him great fortune and infamy. The idea was very noble, dynamites were originally intended to be used for blasting caves for railways and other demolition works that did not involve killing.

Soon, it was used on wars, killing hundreds and thousands of soldiers. One day, Alfred Nobel read his own obituary in the newspaper saying “The merchant of death is dead,” when in truth it wasn’t him who died (obviously) but his brother. An honest mistake. But he learned of the grim outlook people had on him. Because of this, he changed his will so that he’ll be remembered not as a killer but as a supporter of peace. Thus, the birth of the Nobel Prize for people who strive for the greater good of humanity within the fields of physics, chemistry, literature, physiology, medicine and those who engage in acts of peace.



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