What do you call the smell of rain?

There is a very distinct smell when the climate is hot and it suddenly rains. That smell which is thought of to cause nausea and stomach ache in some oriental countries; Philippines, to name one. It is called geosmin. Often a soft smell which is pleasing to many people, a fresh muddy smell that is warm when it passes through the nostrils. Actually, it is not the smell of rain, but the smell of earth. The same is true when rain touches asphalt, or in the morning when the dew is still fresh and the air lingers with a fresh grassy aroma.

If you live in a temperate climate and often manually water your lawn then you’re most likely acquainted with the smell. The same odor can be detected when digging the earth for planting, usually suggests that the soil is fertile and is a very good place to plant seeds.

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