What is the difference between Catholicism and Christianity?

Catholicism and Christianity are two different things, but often mistaken as one and the same. For those who do not know, this might come as a shock, their basic foundation and principle is very different.

Catholicism belongs to Christianity. Not all Christians are Catholics, but all Catholics are Christians. Both believe that Christ offered his life to save us.

Here’s the catch: Catholicism requires its followers total submission of the intellect, to follow and never question the tradition. The problem here is, they do have the Scriptures from which the tradition they follow is derived, but these are not open to the public. Only the Pope and a few bishops have access to them.

In Christianity, the holy Bible is everything. That is the basis of their faith. Christians can ask forgiveness to God through Christ. Catholics need priests.

Basically, Christians believe that Christ is the savior and is the son of God. Salvation of the soul begins by accepting him as God’s son and your savior. It’s more of a personal relationship. Catholicism, on the other hand, follows a strict tradition, and over the centuries they have come to tell people how to live properly to be saved.

So, are you a Catholic or a Christian?


  1. Bob says

    This is the most offensive thing that i have ever seen. You know nothing of Catholicism, yet you make an article about it. Next time, read before you write.

  2. Emily Crawford says

    Historically, yes Catholicism has royally sucked, particularly in Rome, where popes and cardinals were Europe’s biggest crooks. However, many of the sects of Catholic churches that are geographically far from Rome (like my tiny New England Parish), preach very progressively. My deacon, during the 2008 election season, for example, gave a great homily where he essentially said it was okay to vote for whatever party we wished. He in essence, told us to think for ourselves. The Actual main difference between the Catholic Church and other Christian churches in their practice is that Catholics believe in transubstantiation or that the body and blood of Christ are actually present in the Mass, whereas other Christians take it as more of a metaphor. Before the calls for Reformation by the German Monk Martin Luther, Christianity and Catholicism were the same thing in Europe (there was Orthodox Christianity in the Byzantine Empire and Russia, but still, only two sectors of Christians). It should be noted that Calvinists, Puritans, and plenty of other protestants have been just as dogmatic and tyrannical as the Catholic Church. I loved the idea of this article, but I doubt very much research went into it. Not so much knowledge in this salad.

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