Why does a severed lizard’s tail still move?

A severed lizard’s tail that keeps on twitching might be a mind-boggling experience for you as a child or even as an adult, it’s like creepy just got on another level. So, why does it still move?

First, we need to understand why lizard tails are very easy to detach. No, it’s not actually your door’s fault. It’s a defense mechanism, they fully control the things that happen in their tail, like detaching it (and regrowing it later) to act as a decoy when a predator threatens their lives. You can say that it still moves after being cut off from the body so that it attracts predators (meaning you and your kids) from smashing the poor fellow. While the predator is busy looking at the acrobatic tail, the lizard is merrily running away from harm.

Now, why does it still move? The tail’s spine keeps on firing signals on what to do, only it can’t have more function because it’s been severed from the main body, so it just flails around.

If, by chance, you see a lizard please try not to frighten it too much. It might drop its tail just for your entertainment. If it does drop it, do not remove the tail away. Observe, the lizard will return and probably eat the tail so that it gains more energy from the fat the tail has, making tail regeneration faster.



  1. Meowlody says

    I like the way this person says it it’s just so… Nice it made me interested in lizards! The way this person makes the story sound so… Attractive!!!! People would really want to read this!!!!

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